Satchel Paige Card Checklist Brief, But Eventful

In his prime, Satchel Paige was a Negro League superstar. His short stint in the majors means there are few Satchel Paige baseball cards issued during his playing days. It was said that in his prime, Paige had his infielders sit behind him while he struck out the side during tours across America.  Often dominating […]

Nolan Ryan Rookie Card Has Proven Investment Worthy

The 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card has simply been one of the best modern era investments you could have made over the last couple of decades. Think about the most recognized and valuable sports cards and you probably think Baltimore News Babe Ruth, T206 Wagner and 1952 Topps Mantle.  We may have to make […]

Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards and Autographs

Jackie Robinson served as both a beacon into the future for the country and as a role model for millions of upwardly-aspiring African American children.  His breaking of baseball’s color barrier in 1947 ushered in a new era of multi-cultural baseball.  His influence was felt far beyond the diamond and it’s why Jackie Robinson baseball […]

Sandy Koufax Baseball Cards: A Short but Solid List

When looking on at Sandy Koufax’s career, one might compare it to a comet.  Sandy’s career burned brightly and like no other pitcher who came before.  By the age of 30, Sandy had racked up 3 Cy Young awards, 4 World Series championship rings, 7 all star appearances, 3 Triple Crowns, and an MVP award. However, […]

1952 Topps Set: The 900-Pound Gorilla of Post-War Baseball Cards

For baseball card collectors, when the 1952 Topps set is mentioned, dreams of assembling the graded Cadillac of post-war baseball card collecting comes to mind.  There is no doubt that the ’52 Topps set was and is the quintessential set made after World War II. Why do investors and collectors devote so much attention to […]

Investing in Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

When it comes to investing in sports memorabilia, no portfolio is complete without a few, high-grade Mickey Mantle baseball cards.  There is a reason why this Hall of Fame inductee commands such attention within the investing community:  collectability. Collectability Mantle’s cards achieved a cult-like following for a couple of reasons.  First, Mantle spent his entire […]

Investing in Modern Era Sports Cards

Buying vintage, high-grade baseball cards is a fairly straightforward and stable investment strategy.  Card issues of Hall of Famers, like Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth have shown to provide consistent appreciation in value over long periods of time.  This is especially true with very high-graded cards and those that are scarce. One nuggest of advice […]

Investment Oriented Baseball Cards of the 1940s and 1950s

Thousands of different baseball cards were issued by baseball card manufacturers in the 1940s and 1950s.  Nearly as many players graced the fronts of these cards.  Which ones qualify as investment-worthy?  If it’s is defined as a market price over $5,000, then the universe of potential players and cards narrows dramatically. Ultra high-grade baseball cards […]

Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards and Autographs

Roberto Clemente had a big following among North American baseball fans.  For most Puerto Ricans, he was a legend and an idol.  The lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates player is honored throughout the island.  In fact, the stadium in Puerto Rico is named after him. Clemente was a hero, both on and off the field.  His tragic […]

Willie Mays Baseball Cards Provide Solid Bang for the Buck

Willie Mays’ amazing career included 24 all-star game appearances, including being named the game’s MVP on two occasions.  His offensive firepower resulted in 660 home runs and over 1,900 runs batted in.  A star born at the Polo Grounds became an icon in San Francisco. Because of his batting prowess, many people overlook his defensive acumen, […]