Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Cards: Investing in History

One of the most valuable baseball cards today is the 1910 Old Mill Tobacco card featuring the image of a pensive young outfielder.  As a matter of fact, at auction in 2011, a nicer quality example of this exceptionally rare minor league card sold for $199,750.  You don’t need that much capital to purchase original […]

Cy Young Baseball Cards and Autographs

Cy Young is considered the grandfather of the great pitchers of the 20th century.  Young, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson were the premier pitchers of the first 15 years of the era.   Of course, Young’s dominance and greatness haven’t been forgotten.  Baseball’s top pitching award was named after him.  Cy Young baseball cards and autographs […]

Joe DiMaggio Baseball Cards and Autographs

Joe DiMaggio is one of a small number of players known well beyond the domain of sports.  His 56-game hitting streak, set over 70 years ago, still stands.  Of course, who can forget his three MVP titles, or his perennial all-star appearances?  Joe DiMaggio baseball cards and autographs are on a short list of the most […]

Pre-World War II Baseball Cards Show Consistent Investor Demand

Taking the plunge into baseball card investing can appear challenging, on the surface.  Tens of thousands of cards have been issued by hundreds of different manufacturers and brands.  Only a small percentage of these issues hold investment potential.  What segment or genre can novice investors invest in that has a high probability of a consistent […]

Ty Cobb Baseball Cards and Autographs: A Peach of an Investment

Ty Cobb is synonymous with the dead ball era of baseball.  Most of his 22-year career was spent with the Detroit Tigers.  This Hall of Fame inductee had a very colorful life, both on and off the field.  Also, he was one of the few players, who performed the dual function of player and manager.  […]

Christy Mathewson Baseball Cards and Autographs

Christy Mathewson was one of the most remarkable pitchers of the early 20thcentury.  His on-field performances helped to propel baseball into a national pastime and the New York Giants (now San Francisco Giants) into perennial contenders.  A rarity in the early pro game as a college graduate with business sense and personal decorum to complement […]

Vintage Honus Wagner Baseball Cards: Beyond the T206

It seems that whenever the name “Honus Wagner” is mentioned in a baseball card shop, a small hush falls upon the customers and sellers.  It is as if some magical spell has been uttered.  Everyone immediately begins to dream of finding the phantom T206 card hidden in an old shoe box in the attic or […]

Lou Gehrig Baseball Cards and Autographs

Lou Gehrig, known as the “The Iron Horse”, was a legendary mainstay of the New York Yankees.  His consistent performance and good nature helped elevate baseball from the depths of the 1919-20 Black Sox scandal, back into the hearts of millions of Americans.  His untimely death in the summer of 1941, from ALS (what would […]

Babe Ruth Baseball Cards and Autographs

What can be said about the “Sultan of Swat”, or the “Great Bambino” other than Babe Ruth stands as the pinnacle in the industry?  The greatest superstar in sports history, Ruth’s home run prowess was written about all over the world and his legacy of championships with the New York Yankees didn’t hurt either.  His outgoing […]